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Our History

Who are the people behind Royalty Cakes, and how did the brand and bakery come about?

Royalty Cakes is the maker of toothsome pound cakes, cupcakes, cookies, specialty cupcakes, mini cupcakes, mini fruit pizzas, sandwich cookies, and gluten-free and vegan desserts. Royalty Cakes platters offer a pleasing variety of desserts, including chocolate chip cookies, sugar cookies, pound cakes, and brownies.

Signature recipes at Royalty Cakes include mouth-watering Vanilla Sandwich Cookies, Almond Cookies, and Chocolate Chip made with Sea Salt Cookies. Naked Chocolate Cake, Sweet Potato Pound Cake, Lemon Blueberry Pound Cake, and Sour Cream Pound Cake.

Delicious and tempting to the eye, Royalty Cakes are loved by all and by single moms and working women who do not have the time to bake. The market has also expanded to companies who require platters for the variety they deliver.

To answer your question about the company’s history, we introduce you to the woman behind the brand, Cristen, who is no ordinary baker. 

More known as Crissy, Cristen is the creator of Royalty Cakes and, a business that represents three generations of creativity, starting with her grandmother, Big Momma, her father, and an uncle all of who loved to delight family members with their creations from the oven.

Her talent for producing specialty cakes and customized cookie platters that amaze the palate and delight the eye are also a compendium, an inheritance from a baking father and an artistic Mom.

As Cristen tells it, “My dad was a phenomenal baker. His mother, Big Momma, had nine children, eight boys and one girl. Big Momma passed away when I was five years old, but my father and my uncle took on her baking and continued it.”

“My uncle could whip up a pound cake. I got my first recipe from him.”  

Her uncle also gave her baking pointers. Cristen also collected recipes from aunts and cousins, knowing that she had passed the test when family members started telling her they loved her own recipes.

Persistence was a part of the journey. Now adept at whipping up cookie platters that make foodies drool, she comments, “I kept trying. I do like to cook.”

What began as pound cakes made for family gatherings evolved into a high season of baking for neighbors and for a much wider community of companies. Then began the orders from social media as Royalty Cakes entered that space.

The designs of Royalty Cakes are one of its strongest sources of appeal, in addition to the many different delicious recipes used. Decorating was another journey for the entrepreneur, but Cristen was blessed with the same artistic talent as her mom and has been able to amaze clients in this unique area.

She says, “I love the creativity behind it. My mother, who has amazing talent, told me I am an artist in my own way.”

“I like to see people happy and satisfied with what I do. I use different approaches and then sit back and say that is beautiful. I am my hardest critic,” she explains.

Cristen knew from early on she wanted to be an entrepreneur. She was mentored not only by family members who helped with baking know-how but sought training and mentorship, which developed skills in marketing.

“I was mentored by a group who helped us with business cards and took us to events. We started out being very creative in our approach. I started doing platters, and a lot of people ordered those,” she recalls.

“My favorite thing to bake are different pound cakes. I started out sour cream with vanilla glaze and moved on to eggnog and sweet potato. With pound cakes, I can do different things,” she smiles.

A hobby has become a solid business line, with Cristen noting, “The busiest I have been during the holidays.” Since updating the company’s presence on social media, the orders have been rolling year-round as well.

The confidence and strength of its creator are represented in Royalty Cakes as a brand. Sassy and classy, the boldness and beauty of this kitchen’s creations describe a woman who knows her way around the oven.

Each creation from Royalty Cakes is made with love and confidence, warmth and laughter echo in this space. All delights are infused with a spirit of hospitality. Royalty Cakes’ creations say ‘welcome’ to everyone in family gatherings, blessing all with great food and tremendous joy.

Royalty Cakes seeks to delight all with a queenly repast. The pastry-making passion is resonated in the chef’s favorite color, purple, which sometimes makes an appearance on specialty cookies and some cakes.

Cristen explains, “Early on, I realized purple represents royalty. I have always felt royal, and so it became part of the branding. My Instagram handle was Ms. Royalty ‘83. My cousins suggested Royalty Cakes. I loved it, and so we kept the name.” Royalty Cakes was born and made its Instagram debut as Royalty Cakes by Cristen Sims @royaltycakes_mn.

Cristen, whose day job has been in customer service at AT&T, is able to apply her customer service skills to expanding her own company, Royalty Cakes.

Cristen says she is now focusing on building a solid foundation for Royalty Cakes, creating a brand and a business that can benefit her family and enthuse clients.

The CEO says, “I want to be a household name,” she states, not a “hit it and quit it.

“I want repeat customers, clients who always come back.” 

She is already well on her way and has pulled family members into production. She has also started a program for young entrepreneurs.

Cristen says, “I am part of a living legacy.”  She aims to continue the family tradition of delightful baking dainties. For others interested in the baking business, she says, “Persistence is important. Keep showing up. Keep moving.”

Royalty Cakes has a Young Entrepreneur program in development. Cristen Sims states, “Eventually, I want to take young people under my wings to show them the same things I know. Even if they do not want to own their own business, this will give them an idea of their value.”


What we Serve


Flavors : Lemon Raspberry, Sweet Potatoe , Strawberry Crunch, Turtle

Pound Cake

Flavors : sour cream, cream cheese, red velvet, sweet potato, chocolate, strawberry, lemon

Naked Cake

Flavors : chocolate, vanilla, carrot, strawberry, red velvet


Flavors : chocolate chip, oatmeal chocolate chip, peanut butter, sugar, butter

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07:00AM – 06:00PM
07:00AM – 04:00PM
Sunday ——- Closed
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Seasonal flavor : Eggnog

Large .......................... $35

Medium ...................... $20

Small ......................... $8


Sour cream, Cream cheese, Red velvet, sweet potato, chocolate , strawberry, lemon


3 Layers ...................... $65

2 Layers ...................... $45

1 Layers ...................... $25


chocolate , Vanilla, Carrot, strawberry, red velvet


Size 6" ............................ $25

Size 9" ............................ $49

Flavors will costs $4 extra


Lemon Raspberry, Sweet Potatoe , Strawberry Crunch, , Turtle

client says


Royalty Cakes by Cristen Sims has brought bakery items to the next level. I would like to highlight three key factors that I believe prove that statement.
1. Quality | 2. Variety | 3. Passion
All and all, when you order from Royalty Cakes you are not just getting top quality products but you are also getting a product that is made with love and joy and just for you. READ MORE

Jason Kerwin Bloomington, MN

Royalty Cakes' customer service is amazing and the cookies and cakes are really good.

Lakia P

Crissy made cake pops for a game night I had with my girlfriends, and they were the perfect two-bite treat. They had the perfect amount of flavor and were a hit with all the ladies. I cannot wait to try all the other delicious-looking treats she has to offer.

Nina O Burnsville, MN

Cristen makes the most delicious cakes. They are beautifully made and taste great. My kiddos love the cake pops and cupcakes. I’m a fan of the pound cake and the cookie sandwiches - they are fresh, moist, and irresistibly sweet. Not to mention Cristen herself is friendly and professional.

Haley J. Williams
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    Jason Kerwin

    Bloomington, MN

    Royalty Cakes by Cristen Sims has brought bakery items to the next level. I would like to highlight three key factors that I believe prove that statement.
    1. Quality: I have ordered several items including cakes, cookies, cupcakes, and cake pops. In my experience, Royalty Cakes has always delivered top quality in their products. From the flavor to the texture you will always have a dessert that is baked to perfection. I fall in the love with the items more and more with each order.
    2. Variety: The variety of options Royalty Cakes offers caters to anyone’s needs and desires. Not only do they have a wide variety of bakery products but, they also cater to people who are vegan, gluten intolerant, or have any other allergies. It is rare that you can find one place that dedicates its products to this wide of a demographic.
    3. Passion: Each item ordered from Royalty Cakes is made with passion. This isn’t just an ordinary bakery. This is a bakery where the creator has dedicated their time and love to each item they sell and they do it with pride.
    All and all, when you order from Royalty Cakes you are not just getting top quality products but you are also getting a product that is made with love and joy and just for you.